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Find And Connect With Decision-Makers In Just A Few Clicks

With Launched, growing your business becomes a reality, not just a goal.

Connecting With Your Ideal Customers Shouldn't Be Difficult

Use our simple solution to connect in three ways:

Industry Search

Search by business type or industry in any location in the world

People Search

Search for people by their position or role and location

Single Search

Search for a list of employees based on a specific company

AI Assistant

Eliminate writer's block and manual data entry once and for all with our AI Assistant.

  • Generate company summaries in a click to know exactly what your prospect is about and how you can help their company.

  • Create an intro to you while pointing out something about their company.

  • Write an email subject line that helps get your emails opened.

Prospect Search Engine

Find your ideal prospects in just a few clicks!

  • Search, click, and display the verified contact info of decision-makers in seconds.

  • Cut the time you spend prospecting in half and spend more time closing deals.

  • Connect with more of your ideal prospects in less time.

Website Analytics Audit

Instantly conduct a website analytics audit on your ideal prospect's website.

  • See whether they have Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, or Facebook Pixel installed.

  • Find out which platform their website is built on.

  • Reach out to them with this knowledge in-hand to help get the conversation started.

Social Media Profiles

Connect with your ideal prospects on the platform they spend the most time - on social media.

  • Know which channels your prospects are on with every search.

  • Reach out to them in a creative way without having to always rely on email or phone calls.

  • Connect with more of your ideal prospects in less time.

Data Enrichment

Set your data enrichment to autopilot!

Upload an old lead list and verify every piece of information to create a list full of real-time data.

  • Use your website's forms to send data through for enrichment via webhook.

  • Upload an old lead list to verify every piece of contact info.

  • Create a complete list of decision-makers for your ideal prospects.

Unlimited Integrations

Take advantage of our platform's unlimited integrations feature.

  • Never worry about how many integrations you have access to ever again.

  • Connect your favorite CRM.

  • Connect multiple CRMs to send data wherever you need to.

Lead generation & prospecting software ready to scale your business.

The System platform is the ultimate prospecting and lead generation tool giving you the power to search, connect, and close so that you can spend less time building lists and more time selling. Combining several key functions that help you prospect more effectively, it has the real-time data you need in order to connect with decision-makers.

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